Monday, December 15, 2008


I just love this little girl!

For this project the following supplies were used:

Sitting Tilda with curly hair stamped with Momento Ink

Stickles- Lime Green

Copic Markers

White Opaque Marker

All of which can be purchased at Cranberry Hill Mercantile, Sunnyvale Ca

I usually stamp several images at once on a 81/2 by 11 sheet so that I can play around with the image and get the desired look I am after.

Using RV32 - Shadow Pink I colored her cheeks first. My logic is that if I do this first I have a better chance of blending and making the cheek color more subtle, and this avoids having the ring around the cheek area which I found to happen when using the darker markers for skin tone.

Next I work in the E33 in circular strokes using the fine tip first. I at this time will not go over the cheek area, and I will leave some white areas in between the eye and cheeks so that when I go over it with the fat tip it will leave a shadow.

Using the same color, fat tip, I go over the whole face twice(or more as each layer of color dries) so that I now cover the white area, leaving no streaks and blending in the cheek area. I don't saturate to much, because I want to have the shadow in the face.

I used my Ott light when I took pictures, so in later pictures it may seem very light in the eye area, but it is the light that makes everything shine so bright...

Using E09 I tap in the color to her hair.
Using E29 I tap in the second color leaving the first color exposed. I use the tapping motion because it allows me the control to fill in the color where I want it placed.

Using YG95 and R39 (picture not shown) I colored her dress and tights.

I placed dots on her cheeks using a white Opaque Marker.

Also, highlighting her dress.

And lastly I used Stickles to give my girl some shine for the holiday... HOPE this was of some use to you all who were working on this stamp.
I will be going to the Copic Certification Class in Jan., so I will be able to share what I learn with the group
Ta Ta for now


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous~!!

  2. Absolutley BEAUTIFUL!!! Lovely colours and THANK YOU so much for the Tut! I love her hair and understand what you were telling me earlier.

  3. She is adorable and thank you so much for the tutorial. This is very helpful for me!

  4. Beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing the tutorial!!!! I would have never thought to add the pink cheeks first!!!! THANKS!!!

  5. What a GREAT tutorial! I can't wait to try this out on my Tilda now! You are so wonderful to share this information with us! Your Tilda is stunning!
    Hugs~ Kim

  6. WOW Deirdre, what a GREAT tutorial!! Love the stickles on her tights!!
    :) Irina

  7. I love the way you colored her! She is beautiful!I love to add color myself...we are all different in shapes, sizes and colors! Love it, Christina A.

  8. Hi Deirdre

    Love, Love, Love hoe you colored your Tilda. She is awesome. Thanks so much for the tips - I will definitely be practising!


    Heidi K

  9. Excellent tutorial, thanks.

  10. Great tutorial, Deirdre. She sure is a cutie and I am sure the ladies on the group will love your tips for your Tilda with Color.
    Happy Holidays.
    Sandy H

  11. What a fabulous tutorial and just in time! I work at a school and one of our girls asked me to make a card for her and this is perfect and I've been putting it off because I wasn't sure where to start with different colors of skin. I so appreciate this!

    Susan Dube

  12. Love the tutorial and the image is fabulous!

  13. Dee
    OOHH! My goodness she is beautiful! I am so sold! What am I going to do with you? You are awesome I have always known you to be good at everything you do and everything you touch! Especially the hearts...Like mine! I hope the people at “Cranberry Hill” know that they have a true creative artist at their store. It just comes natural with you and that keeps me encouraged! I LOVE it!
    Love ya, Sysbie

  14. Copics here I COME! Love ya, Sysbie

  15. Thanks so much for your wonderful tutorial. It's the perfect combination for beautiful black skin. So appreciate your leaving me a comment on my blog and letting me know about yours.

  16. What a fabulous tutorial on skin coloring. Thanks :)