Friday, December 12, 2008


This is an extra special card to make up for me being tardy to my "swapee" (my new word), but I will be sending this card on, and when she recieves it, it will be closed like an envelope, and when it is opened Tilda will be there on the card. Once the card is lifted, another image of Tilda.
The reason for the title of my post is because my best girlfriend, who lives in Utah, ordered me to put something new on my blog because I have been MIA, so here you are Ms Sysbie (hugs). The truth of the matter is when I started this blog I was off work recovering from surgery, but now that I am all better the Navy (my full time job) said I had to go back and get to work (sad, sad, tear. tear). Little did I know I would be so, so busy. I have been in for 17 years and I really love it, but not as much as making cards ...LOL... Good news in January I will be going to a COPIC certifying class, how exciting is that? For me EXTRA EXCITING cause that means I will be Marker Smart....LOL...thanks for taking the time out to visit, and I promise I will not be such a stranger....Ta Ta for now....

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  1. Dee
    This is a Wonderful card I Love everything about it especially her shoes! I Love the rosier ageing and I love the cover idea. I remember when you first started years ago and still you always come up with beautiful and awesome ideas! You’re an awesome Designer and I really think you need to start your own team!
    Love ya, Sysbie